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Georgette L. Veeder

Georgette L. VeederI work with plant and animal fibers. I find forms, shapes, textures, colors and materials around me fascinating! And, I am intrigued that I can transform natural materials into positive shapes and sculptural forms. My artwork is a documentation of the interactive process of working with fibers (paper/wool) and transforming them into a creative expression.Natural materials appeal to me because of my interest in history and the environment.

The process of making handmade paper is a very old craft. I have adapted traditional methods with personalized techniques. I make paper from shredded cotton rags. I beat cotton and linen rags in a hollander-type beater until they form a pulp. For cast paper, I construct the original work in clay. From the clay, I make a plaster or rubber mold. I press the wet pulp into the mold. I also work with wool. It is a familiar material to the viewer and me. It is a natural and ecologically friendly material. And, for me it is a renewable resource thanks to my sheep. I use traditional felting techniques to create non-traditional works. I make felt by compressing the wool with the aid of moist heat and rubbing. The agitation causes the fibers to lock together. In addition, I dry-felt by needling the wool with barbed needles.

The time involved in making my works is as important as the final piece. I feel energy flowing from the medium as it transforms from rags to pulp and wool to felt to my final constructions. I work with the materials rather than dominating it. I try to be sensitive to intuitive characteristics.I respect handmade paper and wool as historically genuine and ecologically friendly mediums. The process of discovering their potentials kindles and defines my creative expression.

I graduated with honors from Montclair University and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I have exhibited in numerous one person and group shows. My art is represented in many public and private collections and has been published in Fiber Arts Design Book 7. My awards include the Cresson Memorial Traveling Scholarship and the Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Award. I am a member of the National Association of Women Artist and the Hand papermaking Guild.